About Us

Formations generally known as “Technoparks” are enterprises depending on incentive and property, and are related with one or more universities and research centers on an official or activity basis. They are designed to incorporate the foundation and development of industrial firms based upon knowledge and advanced technology and have the management function that can provide support about technology transfer and business management to the leaseholder companies. They are regulated with 4691- Law of Technology Development Areas in Turkey and are called Technology Development Area.   


Purpose of Establishment

Medeniyet Technopark is established in order to; provide collaboration of our university with production sector,  produce technological knowledge,develop innovation, provide improvements in quality, efficiency and cost factors, commercialize knowledge, support entrepreneurship, generalize knowledge, offer qualified business opportunities to researchers and qualified employees and provide technological infrastructure needed to accelerate international collaborations.      



Medeniyet Technopark aims to provide R&D funds to the firms operating in areas such as  aviation and space technology, defense industry, maritime, advanced electronics, industrial programming and advanced materials via academic staff of IMU, to employ and support young researchers in research projects planned according to the R&D needs of production sector, to commercialize the academic knowledge produced from research projects.